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Combine the Perfect Atmosphere with the Perfect Menu.

Decadent Cuisine, Creative Culinary Presentations, Extraordinary Service

Your event deserves a truly extraordinary menu. Serving decadent modern cuisine, Six Audrey Catering & Events makes every experience a memorable one. From off-premise catering for elegant evening events to corporate drop-offs for important business meetings, our executive chef brings top event catering services to clients in Oyster Bay, NY, and throughout Long Island’s North Shore and the Hamptons.

Our professional catering team offers the finest in services for events ranging from weddings and social affairs to corporate luncheons. Let us customize your menus with grazing stations and mixology menus that will wow your guests and leave the perfect finishing touch on your event.

An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

Modern cuisine meets upscale events with our specialty catering services. We feature exclusive offerings made with gourmet ingredients.

Our event catering services are available off premises and at your chosen venue. From setup to cleanup, our caterers cover the logistics of the event, down to the very last detail. 

Our executive chef uses the freshest flavors and modern cooking techniques to delight your senses and impress your guests. Whatever menu you select for your social event or corporate affair, we capture your vision with our upscale catering services. We invite you to explore our buy viagra cialis online canada.


Custom Tailored Catering Options

Your menu is crafted to your specifications. From gourmet hors d’oeuvres to decadent desserts, we use the freshest seasonal ingredients and finest flavors to create a catering setup that thrills every event attendee.


The Perfect Mixology Menu

Offering upscale bartending services for your events, we mix, shake, and stir top-shelf cocktails with the finest spirits. Looking for something special for your event? Tell us your favorite flavors and let us create a truly unique cocktail that captures the atmosphere of the event.


Corporate Lunch Drop-Off

Your business never looked so good. Whether you are hosting an all-day conference, or you are looking to impress business guests, corporate drop-off catering lets you focus on building stronger relationships with your employees and clients. Our specialty menu features a gourmet selection that makes the perfect addition to any business setting.


Social Affairs

Our selection of à la carte off-premise catering and event production services include everything needed to showcase the personality of your event. Take your wedding celebration, birthday, fundraiser and more to the next level with our services catering & event production services.


Corporate Events

Your corporate event represents your organization. Whatever your event goals are, we are here to elevate your brand’s reputation. We create standout events for startups, global companies, and everyone in between.


Corporate Luncheons

The perfect menu sets the tone for any business meeting. Delicious food is an important element to a party’s success and corporate luncheons are no different. Our executive chef has crafted a menu of modern cuisine to please every guest at your next corporate luncheon, meeting or production shoot.


Six Audrey Catering & Events creates modern cuisine for every type of event throughout the North Shore of Long Island and the Hamptons. Schedule a consultation to select the perfect menu for your guests.

6 Audrey Avenue.

Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Based in Oyster Bay, we offer leading services for clients located throughout Long Island’s North Shore and the Hamptons.

Tel: 516-467-1699

Cell: 516-578-0598

Take your wedding, social affair, or corporate event to the next level with a consultation with our experienced professionals.



Discover how our catering and event professionals can transform your event by setting up a consultation with us today.