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We believe in the power of connecting people through the fusion of modern cuisine and world-class entertainment. There is no better feeling than connecting clients and their guests through the ultimate event experience. An event can be successful for a number of reasons, but the details of an event are what hosts and guests remember most. Our mission is to create the event of a lifetime for every client.

At Six Audrey Catering & Events, we pride ourselves on our customer relationship skills and dedication to each of our clients. From the very beginning of the process until the conclusion of the event, we are committed to ensuring that each client’s vision is not just achieved, but exceeded.

  • Alexander Spafford
    Alexander Spafford Founder and Events Director

    Born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, Alexander attended SUNY Old Westbury with a focus on Finance and Business Management. With more than a decade of experience in the catering and events industry, Alexander has managed the finest events ranging in size from 50 to more than 500 guests.  Exploring the old style culinary traditions of Italy and the world’s most luxe events and modern cuisine in Los Angeles through his travels, Alexander makes it his mission to bring the best of both worlds to his clients. Alexander fuses these two styles to create an unmatched event experience as Founder and Events Director of Six Audrey Catering & Events.

  • Patrizia Spafford
    Patrizia Spafford CEO and Catering Director

    Patrizia Spafford brings a passion for fine food and impeccable service to Six Audrey Catering & Events. A caterer to Long Island’s elite for more than 25 years, Patrizia has delivered an unmatched culinary experience for the finest cocktail parties and holiday dinners. After working with top New York City restauranteurs and owning her own successful gourmet food store, Patrizia launched Periwinkles Catering in 2005. She takes modern cuisine to the next level as CEO and Catering Director of Six Audrey Catering & Events.

  • Noelle Grant
    Noelle Grant Executive Chef

    A celebrated chef in the industry for more than 30 years, Noelle Grant has prepared the finest cuisine for diners around the world, serving in restaurants from New York and Los Angeles to Miami and most recently, Turkey. Noelle trained at the esteemed New York Restaurant School in Manhattan before completing an externship at a world-renowned eatery, Sign of the Dove.  After completing her culinary studies, Noelle spent more than 10 years running one of the premier catering companies in Los Angeles. As a private chef to the stars, she has brought her inspired menus to the tables of many high-profile clients, including Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Stone, John Travolta, Harrison Ford, and Annie Leibovitz. She brings her inspired menus to clients as executive chef of Six Audrey Catering & Events.

  • Patrizia Spafford and Periwinkles Catering Corp have been our trusted caterer for our most important family and business events throughout the last decade. Through the years, they have always provided us with exceptional service and the perfect cuisine for all of our affairs. We look forward to Patrizia and her son Alexander's success on their expansion and a new venture in Six Audrey Catering & Events.

    Charles F. Dolan Founder of Cablevision

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